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Chayim, David, Hannah and Aharon Zaklad in front of Chayim's Office.  Click to Enlarge.
Zaklad Family in Tzfat, Israel, in Year 2002:
Chayim and his children David, Hannah and Aharon.

Bracha in Our Courtyard.  Click to Enlarge Learning in the Nadvorna Shul, Tzfat.  Click to Enlarge.
Bracha, sitting in the courtyard of our new house, 2009.  (Our property goes from the flat roof corner near Bracha's head, and to the right.) 4 Former Hadar HaTorah students all learn and Daven mornings in the Nadvorna Shul in Tzfat in 2009. From left to right: Yaakov Chairsky (Hadar HaTorah 1990-1992), Aharon Chaim Markovitz (can't remember exactly when he was at Hadar HaTorah), Yisroel Sandler (Hadar HaTorah 1994), and Chayim Zaklad (Hadar HaTorah YeshivaCations 1991-1993, named "Saklad" then).

The Lebanon War of 2006


Israeli Soldiers in Lebanon in 2006--Compassion for Little Lebanese Girl.  Click to learn what we went through with rockets falling... Chayim and Bracha Zaklad at their Wedding, just after Yichud.  Click to see more wedding pictures!

January 19, 2005 (Yud Shvat 5765)

Unlike 90% of Tzfat's residents, we decided to remain in Tzfat for the duration of the war.  Click the above title or picture to see the messages and hear sound bites sent to relatives as events unfolded. I always knew there would be light at the end of the tunnel.  I prayed that if it were meant to be (Bracha Rogers and me), it would become clear to both of us very quickly.  I had looked forward so long to our first formal meeting in a room alone, where we could really talk.  I couldn't imagine anything beyond that.  I left the rest in G-d's hands.  When the time finally came, all my prayers were clearly answered.  A Little More Detail

There is no agreement regarding how to spell the name of our town, Tzfat, in English.  In Hebrew, it's spelled with 3 letters: Tzadi, Phei, Taf: צפת.  The common English variations include Tsfat (as it sounds), Tsfas, Zefat (on Israeli maps and road signs), and, from the Arab name, Safed.  Tzfat (as it is spelled in central bus stations such as Tel Aviv's) is considered one of the 4 especially Holy cities of Eretz Yisrael.  Each Holy city is associated with one of the 4 basic elements of the world: earth, water, air and fire.  Tzfat is known for its pure air.  Tzfat is also known as the center of Kabbalah--Jewish mysticism, dating back to the 1500's C.E. when the Arizal (probably the best known Kabbalist), Yosef Karo (compiler of the Shulchan Aruch) and Shlomo Alkabetz (composer of Kabbalat Shabbat's L'chah Dodi) among others lived here in Tzfat.

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Chayim Mordechai and Bracha Ruth Zaklad
25 Rechov Korczak
Tzfat  1321905

Telephone (Voice and Fax):  +972-4-692-2285
Cellular Phone:  +972-53-337-8135

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