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Chayim in his Office with Music Keyboard and him on Monitor Our last name was "Saklad" in the United States, but relatives outside the U.S., in France and Israel, use "Z" rather than "S". Consequently: Zaklad.

From this page, you can access our resumés, a map and directions to our home, an "Ethical Will" and our family tree.

Chayim (Howard) in His Tiny Home Office

I was born in New York City, and I grew up in Danbury, Connecticut (CT), and in the Philadelphia and Boston areas. Following college at Boston University, I spent 4 years in the Hartford, CT area, and, starting in 1982, nearly 14 years in Fairbanks, Alaska. I married Simcha Layah in 1994, and in 1996, we made Aliyah to Tzfat, Eretz Yisrael.

Simcha Layah was born in Worcester, Massachusetts, and grew up in the Boston area and New Hampshire. She went to college in upstate New York (NY), and was living in Saratoga Springs, NY, near Albany, when we met.


Chayim's C.V. (English)

Chayim's Resumé (Brief, in Hebrew) (36K Graphics)

Simcha Layah's Resumé

Map and Directions to Our Home

Click here to display a map of Tzfat with directions to our home.  It's a large graphics file (300 KB, might take about 2 minutes to download and display with 56K bps modem).  The dimensions are 842 pixels wide by 1188 pixels long, or at 120 pixels/inch, 7.02 x 9.9 inches, or 17.82 x 25.15 cm.  In order to print on one page, make sure to provide for small enough margins in order to leave those dimensions on the page to print.  Also, make sure your Display, Font Size is set to "Large Fonts" to get 125% normal size (120 dpi) rather than "Small Fonts" (96 dpi). (Do this in Windows 9x or later as follows: right click on a blank area of your desktop, select Properties, click on the Settings tab, and if necessary, click Advanced and set the font size to Large Fonts and click on each OK button.  In order to be able to do this, you must not have the Screen area set at 640x480.  It must be 800x600 or higher.)

Zaklad/Saklad Family Tree

Dr. Elihu Saklad, of 266 Slater Avenue, Providence, RI 02906, United States, prepared a family tree for the Zaklad/Saklad family in 1977. He revised it in 1983, and has hand-written in some updates since then. The tree starts with Eliahu Saklad, who was born in 1815. I am descended from one of his 3 sons, Avraham Itzchok Saklad (1840-5/31/1912), who brought his family to the United States around 1890. He is buried near the rear of Agudas Achim Cemetery, Montvale, Massachusetts. I am descended from one of Avraham Itzchok's 7 children, Louis, and one of Louis's 9 children, was my grandfather David.

My Personal Family Tree:

Eliahu Saklad (1815) (wife Bayleh)
Avraham Itzchok Saklad (1840-1912) (wife Sarah Leah)
ethwthum.gif (1482 bytes)  Ethical Will He Left Us
Joseph (had 2 daughters, the 1st Basia Elkevthovsky?) Schlomo Zaklad (wife Basia Shuliatski) (also known as Rosenbloom)
Louis Saklad (born in Slonim, current Byelorussia: See Map, large--673 KB, Slonim highlighted in Yellow) (wife Brina--Bertha--Rosenthal)
David Saklad grpathum.jpg (5433 bytes) (Died 1988) (wife Sarah Gertrude--Gitel Glickson grmathum.jpg (5352 bytes), 1890 - 1990, she was born in Grodno, current Byelorussia: See Map, large--673 KB, Grodno highlighted in Yellow.)
Eugene Leonard Saklad (Shaul Leib) dadythum.jpg (2239 bytes) (1930) (wife Joan Estelle Feldman--Yocheved Esther momythum.jpg (2885 bytes) , 1930.  Her father, Isadore Feldman--Yitzchak popythum.jpg (2492 bytes) , died 1986, was born in Kirovograd--formerly called Yelisavetgrad.  Her mother, Anna--Channah nanythum.jpg (2361 bytes) , died 1982, was born in Nikolayev:  See Map, large--673 KB, both Kirovograd and Nikolayev, in the Ukraine, highlighted in Yellow.)
Howard Marc Saklad (Chayim Mordechai Zaklad) (1954) (married and divorced, mother of children: Amy Jennifer Hoffman--Simcha Layah) (wife Barbara Ruth Rogers--Bracha Ruth)


Zaklad/Saklad Family Tree Details

Original scanned at 120 dpi. If you wish to print each quarter on one page, manipulate graphics file to be 150 dpi.
If you wish to print whole tree on one page, manipulate graphics file to be 300 dpi.

Upper Left Quarter (44K Graphics File)

Upper Right Quarter (42K Graphics File)

Lower Left Quarter (41K Graphics File)

Lower Right Quarter (32K Graphics File)

Whole Tree (150K Graphics File)


Zaklad/Saklad Family Tree Details, Excel Spreadsheet Version
Compiled by Saul Zaklad (son of Herschel, son of Schlomo)
(You may request access from Chayim--see home page for contact info.)
(version of December 23, 2004)
(consists of 11 sheets)
(version of December 23, 2004)
(names, addresses, where on tree)
(version of September, 2003)
(consists of 2 sheets)
HTML web page versions (old):
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