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Chayim Mordechai Zaklad


Rechov Korczak 12 I.D. #: 3 1691475 3
Tzfat 13219 Immigration Date: 28/3/1996
Israel Immigrated From: United States
Birth Date: 5/4/1954 Marital Status: Married + 3
Web Site: www.canaan.co.il/users/zaklad Telephone: 06 692-5258
E-mail: zaklad@canaan.co.il


1977 - 1978 M.A. in Mathematics with a concentration in Computer Science
Boston University, Graduate School. Boston, Massachusetts, United States

1972 - 1977

B.A. in Mathematics with a concentration in Computer Science,
Magna Cum Laude
Boston University, College of Liberal Arts, Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Formal Experience

1982 - 1996 University of Alaska, Institute of Marine Science, Fairbanks, Alaska, United States
Designed, implemented, and maintained computer programs in support of Oceanographic Research.
* Shipboard and Buoy Data Acquisition Systems:
CTD: Multiple simultaneous serial channels continuously collecting Conductivity (Salinity), Temperature, and Depth (Pressure) and other channels (all in a binary stream) during Casts, GPS position, Triggering of Bottle Sampling. Defined Algorithms for data error detection and recovery. Real-Time Graphical Feedback, Intuitive User Interface. Implemented on PC under DOS in Microsoft BASIC Professional Development System (advanced "QuickBASIC", predecessor to Visual BASIC).
Sea Surface Temperature and Salinity and Weather Shipboard Collection
Designed Hardware--Integrated Counter Cards in PC to Measure Sensor Frequencies, Designed and Implemented Software to interface with the counters, and periodically acquire, convert and store with GPS position throughout Cruise. Proprietary weather module hardware interface and programming. Implemented Sea Surface Temperature and Salinity Control and Acquisition on PC with Turbo Pascal and the rest with QuickBASIC.
Sea Surface Buoy Satellite Communication
Software to download, integrity-check, convert and store in Microsoft Data Base file, select and display as time series or profile. Interfaced closely with field personnel to help them troubleshoot. Implemented on PC in Microsoft BASIC Professional Development System.
* Post-Collection Processing:
CTD: Convert, Calibrate, Integrity-check, average and store results in Ingres database. Unique Algorithm for discarding data when instrument was not going down at a constant rate. Developed and implemented in both Turbo C++ on PC and Sun C on Unix workstations. (Earlier versions in Fortran on Vax/VMS.)
R2D2: Converted canned software for CTD and Current Meter Graphs and Analysis to use Ingres Database, in Fortran on Vax/VMS.
ADCP (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler) Editor
Easy graphical navigation within time (position) and depth, implemented on PC with QuickBASIC.
* Landsat Image Database (for the Geophysical Institute):
Selection and Request System for Landsat Satellite Image Library. Select images by geographic area, time, or other criteria, plot their footprints on a map, and send E-mail request. Implemented on Vax/VMS with Ingres database in ABF (Application by Forms, using a C-like 4GL) and Embedded Fortran, using SQL.
* Ingres Database Administrator
Designed CTD and Current Meter database, technical expert for optimization and system bugs, consulted with and advised principal investigators, created many applications for scientists and business office on Unix workstations in Embedded Fortran and ABF, using SQL. (Ingres is a competitor of Oracle.)
* Sound Analysis
System to Digitize and Analyze Sounds of Seals and Whales. Interfaced A/D and D/A Converter with PC and tape deck. Designed and Implemented system to digitize, playback and graph selected parts of sound bites in various ways: actual samples, FFT at any instant, waterfall spectral plots horizontally or vertically, and 3-D time/frequency/energy graphs. Implemented on PC with Asyst (Forth Environment with Built-in Analytical Functions).
* Maintained Hardware on approximately 20 PC’s:
Installed ethernet cards, modems, display cards, disk drives, CD-ROM drives, memory, specialized I/O cards and drivers. Made recommendations for hardware and software purchases, including video capture.

1978 - 1982

Hamilton Standard (Division of United Technologies), Electronic Systems Dept., Farmington, Connecticut, United States
Software Engineer
* Flight Management System
To choose most cost-effective flight path: in position, altitude and speed, and to control the plane. Member of Design team responsible for navigation. Designed in Jovial to run on a custom 8086 machine. Jovial compiler on Vax/VMS.
* Airborne Integrated Data Systems
Black Boxes on planes to record and/or print values from sensors during perturbations, as well as to recommend optimal altitude at which to fly. Real-Time programming with multiple levels of interrupts. Some code needed to be hand-optimized for speed. Code programmed into EPROM in Embedded Microprocessor in black box. Coded and modified in proprietary machine’s assembly language on Vax/VMS and in 8085 assembly language on Intel CP/M system.
* Automatic Diagnostic Test Equipment
Designed and Implemented simulations and tests of Airborne Integrated Data Systems. Real-time programming with hands-on hardware exposure. Code programmed into EPROM in Embedded Microprocessor in test box. Coded in 8085 assembly language on Intel CP/M system.

Freelance Experience
1996 - 1999 Following making Aliyah, I attended Ulpan and Yeshiva, and worked in a number of "freelance" jobs:
* Ascent of Zefat
All-Around PC Computer Expert: Create and Modify Databases in Access, train others on use, install hardware and software in Windows 95 and 3.11, setup and modify internet access.
* Breslav of Tzfat
Create Contacts Database to track and thank contributors. In Access and Word. Instituted labor-saving devices through scanned signatures, scanned Do’ar Avir stamp, printing on envelopes directly without labels, and automatically generated scanned receipts. Trained others. On PC under Windows 95 and 3.11.
* The Kosov Shul
Created first versions of web site www.kosov.org.il. Video captured pictures.
* Other Freelance Work for Individuals:
Web site implementation with MS Frontpage 98.
Newsletter Creation with MS Publisher.
Scanning and graphics manipulation with Adobe Photoshop.
Music Transcription
With Ensoniq TS-12 Music Keyboard and Synthesizer, MIDI interface and Encore under Windows 95.
Hardware and Software installation on PC’s with Windows 98, 95, 3.1, and DOS.

1981 – 1985

Digital Music Synthesizer--Designed and built on my own, from scratch.
Purpose: To satisfy a keen interest in computer music with limitless experimentation possible.
Capable of implementing, in real-time, in hardware, Bill Schottstaedt’s piano synthesis algorithm (documented in "The Simulation of Natural Instrument Tones using Frequency Modulation with a Complex Modulating Wave" in Computer Music Journal, Volume 1, Number 4, 1977) with, for example, 8 voices at a sample rate of over 40 KHz. Mostly LS-TTL on 3 wire-wrapped S-100 cards, with ramping phase modulation and data paths varying from 12 to 24 bits wide. Interfaced with music keyboard. Controlled first by RCA 1802 computer kit and subsequently by IBM PC-compatible S-100 single-card computer under Concurrent CP/M 86 and DOS. Included designing test and control software in assembly language, as well as very tight integration of hardware and software.


Music Printing Program
Designed and Implemented as Graduate Student on IBM 370 with Calcomp library and Tektronix Display and hardcopy.

Summary of Software/Hardware Knowledge
Programming Languages: Visual C/C++, Visual Basic, Fortran, Pascal, PL1, Assembler, 4GL, HTML
Operating Systems: Windows 98/95/3.1, DOS, Unix, Vax/VMS
Database: Access, SQL, Ingres (an Oracle competitor)
Hardware: Real-Time, Embedded, Hardware/Software Integration,
PCs, 80X86, 8085, RCA 1802, S-100 bus, RS232, breadboarding, wirewrap

Spoken Languages:

English ("mother tongue"), Hebrew, French