The Zaklad Family of Tzfat BS'D

Photo Album--Rebbes

Each except the 2nd picture below also has a video clip associated with it (1/4 the size of the picture).  Click the picture to download and play and/or save the video.   (The required video codec--Intel Indeo video 5.04--came with Windows 98 and later.)

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December 29, 1991, 3:06 p.m.  (Video 1198 KB, about 4 minutes' download with 56K bps modem.) The Lubavitcher Rebbe: "Amen.   G-d will much bless--you have good news in all new things." Simcha Layah with the Lubavitcher Rebbe, probably around the same time as Chayim in the picture on the left (but they were not yet to meet for many months).
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24 Sivon, 5753, June 12, 1993, Motza'ei Shabbat Yechidut (Video 167 KB): "May you speak more to us very soon."  The Lubavitcher Rebbe: "Amen." The Bobover Rebbe and Others, Leaving from a Shabbat Retreat in Saratoga Springs, New York (Video 1344 KB, about 5 minutes' download with 56K bps modem.)


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