A Little More Detail on Our Shidduch

B'Ezrat Hashem
    I always knew there would be light at the end of the tunnel.

    Following 4 years of hearings in the local Beit Din in Tzfat, the Beit Din Gadol in Yerushalayim and the Supreme Court of Israel, my former wife Simcha Layah and I finally came to agreement.  By the middle of the process, I was anxious to be divorced, especially because I had my eye on a special woman, but until I was actually divorced, I couldn't really talk to her other than warmly greet her whenever I happened to see her in the street or at a Shabbos table.

    We came to agreement and I gave the Gett November, 2004.  That very day, I asked a rabbi to ask the special woman I had had in mind (Bracha Rogers) to go on a Shidduch (formal meeting) with me.  She didn't get asked for a couple weeks, and she said no at first.  But, within a week, she changed her mind.  We had 4 meetings, and got engaged on the first day of Chanukah that year.  We were married in January, 2005.  See the invitation and pictures.

    We are very happy, and we both see many miracles in all that has brought us together.  One example: Without knowing it at the time, we were both in the same room together back in December, 1991, in Crown Heights in Brooklyn, New York, at a Motza'ei Shabbos talk by Rabbi Manis Friedman and concert by Moshe Yess.  One thing is very clear to me, that I think I'm finally able to successfully apply: Choose your spouse according to one criteria: Who is the person you will be able to do Chessed for (show kindness) and give to most?