The Zaklad Family of Tzfat BS'D

Photo Album--Pregnancy, Birth and Brit Milah

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Simcha Layah wants her mother to see what she looked like at this stage in our first pregnancy. This is it! Simcha Layah is between labor pains, and it can't be long before David is born (or can it be?).

Simcha Layah with infant David, immediately following his birth (17 hours after the picture above). The woman in the back was one of the midwives at the birthing center in Fairbanks, Alaska.  Go to David's Birth Announcement in What's New for more details.

Simcha Layah; Chayim; Judge Richard Savell and President of the Jewish Congregation of Fairbanks, Alaska, "Or HaTzafon"; infant David; and Mohel Rabbi Benzaken of Seattle, at David's Brit Milah in Fairbanks.

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David and Hannah, fascinatedly looking at the new baby and Simcha Layah their mother, who had given birth just moments before.  Go to Aharon's Birth Announcement in What's New for more details. Breslev Rav Elazar Kenig is the Mohel for the Brit Milah of our new baby son Aharon, who is held in the lap of Rav Macklev, the Sandak.  Chayim, the father, has his back to us to the left of Rav Kenig


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