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David and Hannah Sleeping on Simcha Layah From this page, you may access our past newsletters we have sent to friends and relatives, announcements, and articles we've written. Also, any important current news, we'll mention right here, on this page.
Simcha Layah with Sleeping David and Hannah

E-Mail Announcement of the Birth of Aharon, February 22, 1999

newsl02s.jpg (9999 bytes)Zaklad Family of Tzfat Newsletter, Volume 1, Issue 2, November, 1997

newsl03s.jpg (10645 bytes)Zaklad Family of Tzfat Newsletter, Number 3, November, 1998

First "Newsletter" long letter, January, 1997, to Friends and Relatives

Announcement of the Birth of Hannah Tzipporah, September 24, 1996

Announcement of the Birth of David, October 31, 1994

Explanation of Our Choice of the name "David", as included in handout at Brit Milah

Chayim's Farewell to Fairbanks, Alaska, as it appeared in the April, 1996, Newsletter of the Jewish Congregation of Fairbanks, Or HaTzafon

Lighting Candles Where the Sun Doesn't Set, an article written by Simcha Layah, in Stepping Stones, A Jewish Women's Journal from the Sharei Bina Women's Center of Jewish Studies, In Tzfat's Old City, Summer 5759 / 1999 Vol. 3, p. 37:

Chayim and Simcha Layah's Ketubah, painted by Eydl Reznik, of Tzfat:

Black and White Copy of Ketubah--Ledgible Large 367KB Graphics File (might take about 2 minutes' download with 56K bps modem)

Color Copy of Ketubah (Lower Resolution)

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